Many individuals don't look up from their MicroComputers™ to see how microsoft rules our world, but the company has taken over our lives. As seen with President Gates, who was the innovator behind some of the very first computing initiatives in the world. Microsoft has dominated the computer industry and internet services because of their early inventions in developing a computer structure that allowed the internet to grow and connect users across the world. Because of this, citizens of MicroWorld are trapped in a controlling monopoly based dicatorship, where “Microsoft revolutionize life, one MicroStep™ at a time.”

Micosoft technology has ruled our part of the world through inventions like:

  1. MicroPhone™
  2. MicroBrew™
  3. MicroCraft™

However, there is another world. One which we have been divided from that we do not know exists, because of the major computing division between Micorsoft and a company called Apple. Microsoft will tell you that Microsoft won the race to the internet and an interconnected digital world, but the companies are at a stalemate. Apple owns the other side of the world, west of the Atlantic, Microsoft the East, this is the point where the CyberWars have broken out between our two countries.




Apple was born similarly to the world we are living in now, where the citizens are unaware of the other half of the world. The Apple Company developed similar technology, that is different in name. Apple attempted to infiltrated every cutting edge technology on the market, which Microsoft would not allow. The equal strength of Microsoft and Apple caused the stalemate in war because there could only be one computing technolgy. SImilarly to Microsoft, Apple rules their side of the world through devices, as Steve Jobs leads the company-nations into a digital reality. Apple attempts to bring cutting edge design to products in their virutal world. Average citizens remain blind to the CyberWars occuring and the other company-nations in existence.

Apple technology has ruled their world through inventions like:

  1. IPhone
  2. ISight
  3. ILift

If there was only a way for the systems to talk to one another and not have to compete for the monopoly on computing in the last decades of the 20th century, where internet was at its orgin.

Here's more information on the evolving internet history:

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